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summer was beautiful
it was laughing and joking
and working out what we
were and what we
were not
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 0
Resignation Letter
Dear Mr Bunce and Mr Lee,
I'm sorry to inform you that
I'm pulling out, I'm packing in,
I will not be of service for a while.
I admit that it's been fun,
Despite the lack of time and sleep.
We pulled it off and made ends meet,
But I feel it's time to leave, because
The boss and I do not see eye to eye.
I'll take a sebattical a month of sunday's long;
I will face up to my qualms and I will put them in a song
That I will sing to you on my return to tell what I've been doing with my time,
And I'll invent so many clever ways to say I'm feeling fine.
I've got some childhood traumas to address and it's not helping
That at every turn I'm faced with your concept of wrong and right.
I'm not saying that I won't come round to your way of thinking,
But I'm making my escape before I start to steal the mic clips
Just to spite your mistaking me
For any other than an angry, doubting prima donna.
In this existential crisis of faith
It's not me, it's you who won't exist.
So forgive me if I deconstruct
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 0
Cemetery Waltz
The graveyard is open all night
And it's lovely when people drop by.
There is no danger, so don't be a stranger;
We're bound to be in any time
Here's where the craic's to be found.
There's whiskey and Guinness, enough to go round.
If it's family or friends that you seek,
In the graveyard is where you'll eventually meet.
  MoCushla, you'd make a lovely corpse,
  So pass us a spade and we'll vacate a plot
  MoCushla, you'd make a lovely corpse,
  So kick off your shoes and join in the cemetery waltz

Come, gather round the tombstones
We'll tell you stories about our old bones.
Think that you've heard them all, there's always one more;
There's men dying round here who've never died before
Like old Owen who expired where he sat.
When they brought out the coffin he wouldn't lie flat,
So they bound him down with a rope round his chest,
Till the wake, when he popped up and startled the guests
Auntie Phil had brothers and sisters galore
And she kne
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 4
Emily Tries
She sits on her shelf in her cardboard slip and cellophane.
She's looking down on the other toys
And watching all their childish games.
When she's on her best behaviour
She's at war with mother nature.
Hormonal fixes get you nowhere,
But self-control's an issue when you're near her.
What's the matter dear?
Is hardwired dogma crawling up your spine?
Don't come closer dear,
Because you might slip and lose your peace of mind.
Your moral equation is simply outdated
It doesn't do to come out with it in public
Corsets, suspenders and double entendres:
You're working your way through clichés
Put on a dress but it won't touch the ground
Because you've grown so much that the shelf might break
If you don't decide which side to come down
With childlike innocence where Mother's word is writ,
But your friends say you're an innocent, and besides
It's so much fun being seductive.
  Emily tries
  Emily tries
  Emily tries
  But she misunderstands.

:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 3 0
Close your eyes, sweetheart, the footsteps are nearing
Fingers can't find you if you're not there
Dreams will be a safe place to hide in
Till the shadows withdraw and daddy is gone
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 1 0
Mature content
Tantrum :iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 0
Setlist by Ailoura-aithe Setlist :iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 1 0
Kissing's too obvious
I think I'll stay in bed today
There's no incentive not to
When undercover I feel safe
The shadows in the corner won't keep me awake.
I like to think you're watching me
But please don't say a word
No, please, don't speak
And I'd defend my point of view
But you won't let me
Self-doubt won't let me
I'll make my friends with the ants
Because I don't like to feel so small
You want to climb up in my bed
I'd rather that you kept me on a pedestal
Your sarcasm's rubbing up on me
It's a funny way to say that you're confusing me
Don't mistake my naivety
For innocence or insincerity
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 0
Minster Nights by Ailoura-aithe Minster Nights :iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 0
I am running out of words
Ten pages in a year
The silence hurts
But there's nothing left to hear
And I don't want to sing
If it will be about you
The story is old
But it's outlasted you
Puppet-strings left dangling from a tree
I followed them to see where they might lead
Thought you'd lit me candles in the dark
My paper boats are tied just out of reach
Their sodden cargo scattered round my feet
I could just walk away
Leaving them to decay
Set a fire to this mess
And watch it blaze
Puppet-strings left dangling from a tree
I followed them to see where they might lead
Thought you'd lit me candles in the dark
Fuses throwing out their angry sparks
The afterglow isn't burning me
A vacant stare where the image should be
I left the matches in the debris
Begrudged goodbyes and obsolete [memories]
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 8
I called it Jealousy
What is jealousy, my dear?
It's every time that you ignore me;
Insecurity creeps near in green-eyed thoughts and doubts.
Don't look over your shoulder now,
'Cause I'll be right behind you.
You are drowning in dead leaves that I told you to sweep out.
   Can't you see what a fool you've been
   And what a mess you've made?
Hello precious, here's a thought:
I'm in my head, you're in yours.
The worries I had couldn't get under your skin.
Conversations we don't have;
Questions I refuse to ask--
But I'll write the answers on your arms in hope that they'll sink in.
I'd be messed up too if I were you;
Thank God I'm not.
   What would you have me do? Your behaviour's nothing new,
   But I can't pretend that it's ok.
   So won't you, darling, please, pick an argument with me
   Before there's nothing left to say.
The hope that you're still here will fade before
The cracks between your words won't tolerate
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 6 3
TChainRedux 1: Chiaroscuro
Op de drempel van dag,
De ondertekenende lijn tussen licht en donker,
Waar schemering golft over het gestilde landschap
En een onmerkbare kilte opstijgt.
[Het slagveld is verwacht chaotischer te zijn.]
Met subtiliteit, het meest troosteloos van elk soort wanhoop
Leeft naast het vermogen voor
Totale verlossing
De grens kruist.
Donkere leegte heerst;
Een wenk op de handbereik horizon:
'De miljoen stralende ambassadeurs van de ochtend;
De miljoen stralende ambassadeurs verschijnen.'
Lichten fonkelen op de naad van dag en nacht
Onvruchtbaarheid en volkomenheid,
[Er is een reden
Er is een bedoeling]
Deze stralen die niet konden stralen,
Behalve in clair-obscur,
Waar zij aan zij de aanwezigheid en de afwezigheid zijn.
Het duister brengt wenen
Wenen schuurt het hart en gezicht gelijk
Dat het licht helder wordt gemaakt.
De schepper van het lot schildert met clair-obscur.
Translation of the original poem "Chiaroscuro" by ~marvintheparanoid
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 4 6
Pretty. fragile.
Paint me fragile
like a spider's web:
hang me with dew
and let the wind blow through me.
Trace my strands coarse-fingered,
catch me on rough edges.
I'll be the tatters on your sleeve,
I'll be the thoughts you can't get clean.
Paint me fragile,
but you made me
strong enough to bear a grudge.
Hide in the dark and hope the colours fade.
Paint me tragic,
lie to cover your mistakes.
Paint me precious
like a broken glass:
fill me with wine
and your refracted expectations.
Catch the light and
watch me seep through the cracks
Snatch your hands away,
but it's too to late: they're already stained.
Paint me fragile,
but you made me
strong enough to bear a grudge.
Hide in the dark and hope your colours fade.
Paint me broken,
lie to cover your mistakes.
I'm the lace spun from the web you tore
I'm the stained glass window from the
shattered pieces you left on the floor
I'm the doll made from the rags you threw away.
Paint me precious
Paint me fragile
Paint me broken
Paint me ragdoll
Paint me anythin
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 9
Coffee, guitars and time
i will lock you in a cage
and try to keep my feelings pure as
sunlight dancing through the rain
and hope the memories won't change
it's been too long and i have so much still to say,
but you keep hurrying away
so i can't tell you
how can i be a friend
if you won't give me time and let me in--
avoid me at all costs
so you don't have to make amends
but i try
i try
i'm obviously not worth the fuss,
so just stand back and give me up;
all it takes is for you to keep your (f*cking) mouth shut.
you're the one who told me that
i shouldn't lie down, i should hit you back,
but when i do you make sure that i regret it.
you said you wanted me to
you're pushing me away
i can only take so much
before i crumble and give up,
so, honey, please, don't push your luck.
i won't forget
everything you said--
how can i when you're still in every corner of my room?
i keep your secrets in a jar;
i keep my promises as well.
you needn't fear that they will
so i will lock you in a cage
and hope
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 1 1
100ft deep
i am a fish
swimming in the deep blue sea
struggling to surface
because i can't breathe down here
i am not a cowbell
i hit back
but i don't
because your aggression
traps me inside the six walls
of my shell
i pound on the windows, on the door
'let me out, let me out'
the words are caught
perfectly formed
tangled in my head
strangled in my throat
i choke
i paint the windows from the inside
like a closed down shop
'i'm not here anymore
move on, move away'
i write my silent words on paper boats
half hoping they'll float across the table
into your harbour
to deliver their messages
half knowing you won't risk allowing them to moor
i am fishing 100 ft. down
but the shoals have moved up
and i am struggling to surface
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 1 5
tonight i am
tonight i am
bruises and
tear-stained sheets
smeared with
i am
too tired to
sort this out
right now
i can't talk
to you
tonight i
am scabbing
over emotions
wait till
to wax
my heart
:iconailoura-aithe:Ailoura-aithe 0 1

Random Favourites

Your technicolor heart by vampire-zombie Your technicolor heart :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 1,463 98 .569 by wearydrearies .569 :iconwearydrearies:wearydrearies 205 0
July Haikuthon
press fireflies to
dirty ribcage, pulling
night's promise closer.
make music
on lake surface to close eyes
to reflections.
you are a lullaby
i sing
to sleep.
i hear your voice
in the whisper
of waves.
fingernails scratch
in mind.
autumn's snowflakes fall,
touched by wind; ground is a blank
canvas to their shades.
mascara    prints       dawn pillows
among ashes:
i'm here
october scent
found in leaves, hidden
among letters
yellow rubber
skims the surface;
quack quack.
tiny prints
and children's laughter
speckle shores.
wax   tricked  -  becomes      puddles.
a confession:
night screams
only for you
a cry, a flash;
feathers lie
ribcage's music
the treetops.
litter sky
feet awake.
red lights
sprinkle the street
with rain.
prickled wi
:iconamertie:Amertie 175 287
Your Cat Thinks Shes In Charge
How dare you walk out of here like I’m not important enough to tend to day and night, like I’m a completely optional choice of entertainment! Where are you going? What’s out that door? Why did you- HEY! HEY! HEEYY! HEEEEYYY! MOM! HEY! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING HEEEYYY! I HATE IT WHEN YOU’RE NOT HE- you’re back! I love you I love you I love you! Watch me roll around on the carpet! Watch me, mom! Watch me! Mom! Hey! Watch! Okay you’re boring now so I’m going to go downstai- why are you leaving again!? Don’t you walk out that door without me! Who’s that guy? Where is he taking you? Why are you g- HEY! HEEYYY! HEY! HEEEYY! MOM! HEY! COME BACK! HEY! GODDAMMIT I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU SO MU- you’re back! I love you I love you I love you! Watch me play with this toy! Mom! Look! Watch me play! Now pet me! I hope you don’t mind that I’m shedding all over your white shirt. Why aren’t you paying attention to me? Where are you going? Don
:iconinshiningarmor:InShiningArmor 27 14
i've been thinking and...
i've come to a realization:
no one can make me smile the way you do.
:iconamertie:Amertie 251 210
and i'll be the painter.
your skin is feather
white, and i imagine
littering your face
with half-moon marks;
i imagine
the noises you'd make,
like a chalkboard,
and i'm going to be the nails.
your screams
will be thunder,
a train screeching to a
i imagine
your eyes
are full of our dreams,
and i'll bring the nightmares
to the surface;
your skin is feather-white,
darling. you are a canvas waiting
to be drenched
in blood.
:iconamertie:Amertie 268 248
today is the day you remember how to breathe.
there is an ocean of thoughts, nightmares, and gray days; cross it and find yourself on sandy shores and midnight blue skies;
count the stars and breathe in dreams of sunshine. wake up late with the dreams still lingering in your heart, dreams like promises and dragonfly kisses,
candlelight that won’t fade.
play on imagination like a piano, words flowing like soft melodies, painting pictures of meadows under soft skies and the smiles of kids on playgrounds; hop-scotch and held hands and snowball fights.
breathe in moonlight for a change; dance with your heart wide open and unafraid. pretend fireflies are stars, and find constellations in them,
fall asleep with a song in your heart waiting to be heard. light happiness like a match and let it keep you warm, like a blanket, and let hope be the pillow you rest your head on.
realize life has no patterns, no lines. make your own pattern, your own kaleidoscope of rainbow thoughts and hopes. p
:iconamertie:Amertie 379 237
tetanus shot of the rainbow.
i saw you in one of the slides of my viewfinder toy today.
you were the red sweater that i spent 7 months knitting,
the tomorrow that refused to come because
its seams were sewn shut,
but i spent yesterday seeing your reflection in the sun.
i burnt my eyes out, but none of it mattered because
i didn't need eyes to listen
to the canaries singing inside my ribs. they sang
'he loves, he loves you not, he loves you, he's
you're gone. you're no longer in front of me;
you're inside my veins, playing bumper cars
with my arteries. i felt the collision when
i was eating plates off of a styrofoam cookie,
hiding under a tortoise's shell. you are
the greens in the parachute that closes and
opens, you are the closed restaurant with the
terrible food, you are the closed oyster boy.
i cracked open your shell but there was never a pearl;
only a mess of worms eating away whatever was left of your heart.
i made chalk from your powdered bones and wrote
'i thought you were white, like bright lights
:iconamertie:Amertie 208 162
self portrait but the self is by vampire-zombie self portrait but the self is :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 433 29 Hangers hang coats by vampire-zombie Hangers hang coats :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 250 27 Sails and sailing away to by vampire-zombie Sails and sailing away to :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 348 29 laughing went down by mad-panda laughing went down :iconmad-panda:mad-panda 8 0 Fading Memories by kedralynn Fading Memories :iconkedralynn:kedralynn 63 0 Gravisphere by alexiuss Gravisphere :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,098 80 letting go of all feeling, by vampire-zombie letting go of all feeling, :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 234 28


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